When it comes to renovating or resurfacing your pool choosing the correct interior is one of the most important decisions. The correct colour will not only compliment your garden and house but will create that spectacular inviting appeal, which will make entertaining your friends and family more enjoyable.

The factors you need to consider when selecting an interior are texture, colour and durability. Not sure what to do? Which texture to choose? What colour is the best? We are ready to help you have your dream pool become a reality.

We offer a selection from fiberglass, marbelite as well as tiled pools.

pool types

We have a selection of mosaics and textures to choose from. Our sales staff will work with you to design the perfect look and feel for your pool. Our main focus is to make sure your vision becomes a reality when it comes to your project. Contact us and let us know how we may be of service to you. Our staff is available to meet with you and start planning your dream pool.



Water Features

The sound of falling water is very relaxing and gives us a warm feeling of joy. From shimmering sheets of water to a tumbling cascade, a water feature will bring a new element to your pool. We can add this beauty to any new pool or spa or when you renovate your backyard family area.